Franco Prussian War Links


 Wikipedia on the Franco Prussian War


Website about the Battle of Sedan


Museum of the Franco Prussian War and

and the annexation of Alsace and La Moselle

Classed as a "French National Museum", this history museum

 is the only one today in Europe to solely focus on the 1870

War and the annexation of Alsace and

La Moselle (1871- 1918).


Photos of soldiers in the French Army in the war


Prussian uniforms and helmets


Over 1,200 photos of the siege and commune of Paris


Website about the Chassepot rifle


Champigny Crypt Memorial

Memorial for those that fell at the fiercest

battle of the Siege of Paris


Dreyse Needle Gun


Franco Prussian War battlefield tours


 Who Lost the Franco-Prussian War?


Franco-Prussian War effect on World War 1


What if France won the Franco Prussian War ?


 Movies about the Franco Prussian War


 Champ d'honneur  1987


 A Sister's Love: A Tale of the Franco-Prussian War  1909


 Mademoiselle Fifi  1944


 La Commune Paris  2000




 Prussian Military History


Other Historical Websites


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War between Japan and China over Korea, 1894


War of the Triple Alliance 1864 - 187

Paraguay vs Argentina, Brazil  & Uruguay the biggest

war in South American history

What would of happened if?  

The British attack on New Orleans in 1815  

Jean Laffite privateer of the Gulf, pirate or hero ?


War of the Pacific 1879 - 1883

Chile vs Bolivia and Peru .

Read about the amazing exploits of the Huascar

, one ship fights a whole navy !

Rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire  

The war between China and Vietnam in 1979



History of East Germany

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